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Manaul therapy involves a hands on approach to assess and treat musculoskeltal conditions. This includes the use of joint mobilizations, stretching, taping, active and passive range of motions, muscle nergy techniques to restore movement and decrease pain

Squatting with Band

Exercise prescription that is tailored to each individual is a useful tool for improving health. An individualized program will  take into considerations any muscle imbalances, joint restrictions, tissue health/injuries and specific client goals

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Gunn IMS is an intramuscular dry needling approach that follows a neuromuscular approach taking into consideration the entire  

Young Skier

1hour session to assess readiness for return to sport

Image by Isaac Wendland

1hour video assessment  of running form on the treadmill

Image by Brian Metzler

Karen is a certified running coach through the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy. Please contact her via email for coaching inquiries. 

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