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Peak Stride Physiotherapy

Karen Newby
BSc, MPT, Certified Run Coach



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Karen has been practicing physiotherapy in Squamish since 2007. Her interest in physiotherapy began after watching a friend go through a lengthy rehabilitation after a motor vehicle accident left her with a traumatic brain injury. Karen completed her physiotherapy degree from UBC in 2006. She is trained in acupuncture, manual therapy, soft tissue mobilizations, gait assessments, and the Gunn IMS method. She is also a certified Running Coach. She spends her free time with her family, skiing and running. 

Karen takes an individualized approach to each client's therapy, taking into account the many facets of one's life, not just their injury. She recognizes that to succeed with rehabilitation you must look at the client as a whole, not just an injured body part. She is a strong believer in enabling her clients to have control over their rehabilitation through an active approach to their therapy. 

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Peak Stride Physiotherapy

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